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KarenSprogcast Episode 03

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KarenSprogcast Episode 2: Men, Love and Birth

Here is Episode 2 of Sprogcast, which has a little bit of breastfeeding and a lot of discussion of men in the birthplace, as birth partners and midwives, but also a little bit of discussion of the patriarchal nature of … Continue reading

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“I knew I only wanted her as my doula.”

After a difficult, highly medically intervened birth with my first son, I wanted a different experience and had read that Doulas have a high success rate in low intervention births. I knew Karen after the birth of my first child … Continue reading

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KarenBirth Plan Prompt Sheet

Birth planning is a vague science; some birth workers now refer to “birth preferences” instead, and some prefer to avoid this sort of planning altogether. I’ve found a few resources online including this comprehensive tool from the NHS, and cobbled … Continue reading

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KarenBook Review: The Birth Partner, by Penny Simkin

Penny Simkin is an author, doula, childbirth educator, and birth counsellor. I was advised to read this book prior to my first job as a birth doula, and having now read it through, I will probably take it with me … Continue reading

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KarenBook Review: Life After Birth, by Kate Figes

Kate Figes seems to make a living writing about how awful things are. According to her, birth is awful, and motherhood is awful, and if you haven’t done either of these things yet, this book is pretty certain to put … Continue reading

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KarenTropes about homebirth

I like Alice Roberts, she is interesting and clever. Some of the things she has written about birth have given me plenty to think about, and it’s good for me to think. This evening twitter drew my attention to an … Continue reading

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KarenThe science of birthplace

My work now includes talking to parents-to-be about where they choose to give birth, and so this subject is of increasing interest, particularly since the skeptics I hang out with suck their teeth a little when we get on to … Continue reading

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KarenFirstborn by Katherine Gallagher

For years I dreamt you my lost child, a face unpromised. I gather you in, gambling, making maps over your head. You were the beginning of wish and when I finally held you, like some mother-cat I looked you over … Continue reading

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An Encounter with Severe Pre-eclampsia – Clair’s Story

Like the majority of people who get pregnant, when my husband and I became pregnant with our first child in late 2008, we had no reasons to suspect that we would have anything other than a totally normal pregnancy, hopefully … Continue reading

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