….”I think everyone needs an Ailsa” -from Sally (twins mummy)

“When my babies were born I thought I could manage. I did (just) but I wasn’t enjoying it or them much as I was so exhausted. When I finally caved in & asked Ailsa to help she came through the door bringing a sense of calm to the chaos, and instinctively knew what I needed. Ailsa is such a professional she adapted to my routine, boosted my confidence and gave me invaluable advice. Most days she also brought cake! I think everyone needs an Ailsa. I can highly recommend this one.”

- Sally. March 2016.

Thanks Ailsa, from Beth

Just want to say a massive thank you to my postnatal doula Ailsa Holmes who, after nearly 5 months, spent her last day with me last week. It is a bitter sweet goodbye as it means I’m feeling confident with my twins and getting some sleep but I’m also very sad (& maybe a bit terrified) to see her go.
Ailsa has helped me for a couple of hours a week since my twins were 6 weeks old, and boy have I needed her help. She has been a huge support physically, emotionally and practically, making lunch & tea & bringing cake, taking a twin (or both) off my hands, listening to & empathising with my rants & frustrations, and advising me on routines, feeding, settling, sleeping, relating, weaning & all manner of other issues we all face having twins (& a toddler!).
She will still be my SOS call every now and then I’m sure, and I’ll continue to turn up at her house for tea and cake every Tuesday at twins club until my boys are mobile… But, for now, I cannot recommend her highly enough – just writing this makes me realise how much I’ve needed her and will miss her! Thanks Ailsa, much love xxx

Thank you Ailsa

Dear Ailsa

Thank you so much for all your help! Meeting you has been great, you brought cheerfulness and calm in our house. Giovanni and I often remember how you entered the house and walk around as walking on clouds and light as a feather. You taught me tricks and gave me great advice but the greatest gift was to “teach” me to be calm and listen to my little monsters. I thought I was doing fine before meeting you, I then realised I was just surviving!

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Thanks Ailsa, from Pamela

I have had the help of Ailsa, a fabulous woman who has 2 decades of experience, adores babies and can advise on all aspects of motherhood, as well as breastfeeding and weaning (she has a partner who specialises in these and offers advice as part of the service). She can also organise you and do a little bit of light tidying, as well as bring you cups of tea and is great to chat to for company which is in itself a big help. She is in demand so if this is someone you think you might need, get in touch ASAP.

~ Pamela, mother of twins.

Thanks from Emily, via Facebook

Had my last day of support from my wonderful doula Ailsa Holmes today. Very sad. Ailsa has helped me for 4 hours a week since my twin boys come home from hospital 6 months ago… I can’t recommend her support highly enough… She has great experience supporting twin families and helped me with so many practical areas… Feeding, Routines, naps, nightimes etc but more importantly encouraged me to feel more confident as a first time mum. It’s been such a relief to have her arrive each week and make me a cup of tea, grab one of the boys and chat things through… Snap her up if you can x

Thanks Ailsa, from Kelly

Thank you again for all of your help this year. It made a huge difference. It’s been a big change for us becoming a family of four, but you really helped us to have an easier transition.

Thanks from Victoria

I called upon the help of Ailsa when I was let down by NHS Midwives and Health Visitors. I had been sent home from hospital without knowing how to breastfeed my baby and was desperate for urgent help and support. I will never forget the guidance, friendship, encouragement, support and advice that I was given by Ailsa. I was never criticised by my Doula which was important to me especially when I was feeling emotional. I always got reassurance and support even by text when Ailsa was not with us. One of the best supportive days was when Ailsa came with me and my baby to the Health Visitor Clinic for the first time. I had been heavily critiqued by Midwives that my baby was underweight so was extremely nervous. Ailsa made the whole thing possible, I now take my baby alone and am a lot more confident. My baby has doubled in size and is developing normally. The only bad thing is that Ailsa does such a good job that you end up not needing her anymore because she helps learn all the skills you need. However, she will always be welcome in our home.

Thanks from Veronika

I hired Ailsa to help me recover from the shock that twins are.

Ailsa always listened, gave emotional support and offered help with regards to my feelings about myself, my relationship with husband and family. Some activities e.g. baby massage couldn’t be done on my own. She also helped me getting the nursery ready – a huge relief. I believe the extra pair of hands makes a huge difference.

I absolutely loved Ailsa. Initially I was unsure as I didn’t need help with handling a baby, I just needed more hands. Ailsa has grown to become a trusted friend. She supported me with breastfeeding, weaning, sleeping and keeping my relationships going. She was instrumental in discovering my PND and I owe her my sanity!

Thanks from Simone

Ailsa helped me a lot more than I ever thought. She made me think about me, gave me confidence when I needed it with my situation. Her knowledge was brilliant, and most importantly I trusted her with me and my boys. She gave me things I needed, someone there, someone neutral, strong and able to make me listen without pushing. This in effect helped my family because I was more in control. She fulfilled my expectations and more.

Thanks Ailsa!

Ailsa was a constant source of valuable and practical information. She also offered me emotional support and feedback on my mothering skills. It was always a comfort to have her help and input. i was a better mother to my family and my daughter adores Ailsa, so that was lovely to see.

For those first time mums whose families live abroad or far away, a doula is a must.