About Double Helping Doulas

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A doula is a non-judgemental presence in your home, and our aim is to do ourselves out of a job!

Karen and AilsaDouble Helping Doulas was started in 2011 by Karen Hall and Ailsa Holmes, who have been friends since two weeks before their sons were born. In the early days and weeks of motherhood they kept each other sane by providing each other with company, moral support, and tea. A few years later they had the idea of offering the same service to other new mothers. In 2016, Karen moved on to a new project.

Ailsa says:

I am a mother of two boys and before having them I was a Nanny for 20 years. I absolutely love being a doula. Love helping mums and supporting them, watching them gain in confidence as they grow and evolve as parents, and although it’s bittersweet when it happens I also love it when I get asked to come less often and eventually stop altogether, because it means I have done my job well and that is hugely satisfying.

More by chance than by design for the last year all of my clients have been twin mummies, and this seems to be my ‘niche’ at the moment, although I would still work with mums of single babies too of course.
I find working with twins and their parents very rewarding – always busy but a different experience every time with so much to learn, absorb and share.

I also run Wokingham Twins and Multiples club at my house every Tuesday morning during term time, 10am – 12pm.
This is a TAMBA affiliated little group which is free and specifically aimed at pregnant mums and those with babies, up to the point where they are mobile. It is designed to be a first stepping stone towards getting out and about, gaining confidence while adjusting to being a multiples mummy, meeting other parents of twins and multiples with my support, cake, a cuppa, a hug if needed and a spare pair of hands!