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IMG_20160218_150719 Hi I’m Ailsa, and I offer a postnatal doula service in the Wokingham area. I’m an ex-nanny, and I have five years’ experience of supporting families with newborn babies. Many of my clients are parents of twins, who value the extra help, the confidence boost, and someone to listen to them.
“Ailsa was so helpful at a time when I needed it most. As a new mum, I needed advice and reassurance about things such as breastfeeding and baby’s sleeping routine. As an experienced childcarer and mother, Ailsa was able to provide this invaluable support.” (Kate)

What does a postnatal doula do?

A postnatal doula is a little bit like a maternity nurse or mother’s help. We care for you while you care for your baby. Here are some of the things our previous clients have appreciated:

  • Listening and offering emotional support, encouragement and information;
  • Helping mum to get some rest;
  • Making a sandwich and a cup of tea;
  • Helping parents learn about newborn care and calming, and to get to know their baby;
  • Building confidence as a mother;
  • Good company and a sense of humour;
  • A well of calm;
  • General support with premature twins;
  • Supporting mum on her first trips out with her baby;
  • Offering specialist breastfeeding support, and help with feeding decisions;
  • Little jobs around the house;
  • Finding sources of social and professional support in the area.

I work in Wokingham, Bracknell, Reading, Woodley, Crowthorne, Twyford, Ascot, Sandhurst, Yateley, Finchampstead, Winnersh, Earley and other parts of Berkshire and Surrey.

I provide quiet support, to help you gain confidence as a parent. I provide ONLY evidence-based information, and do not offer advice. I do not offer complementary medicine or alternative therapies. I do help you to find ways of coping with the more challenging aspects of normal baby behaviour.

I know my limitations, and signpost you to other sources of support if you need something that I don’t have.

Picture of two babiesA doula’s role is to help you to discover how YOU want to do things. I believe that it is important not to impose our views about parenting on you, but I can help you find out about different ways of doing things.

I know that I will never know everything about being a doula, and that I will learn something from every family I meet.